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I create art to bloom

By Casper Mak

My Passion

The lily as a source of inpiration

Take a look at my sculpture artwork. What do you notice? Nature comes back everywhere. Especially the beautiful and elegant lily flower. My sculptures and jewelry are presenting the lily flower in her purest form. I love to use bronze, golden and silver to express this flower at his finest. I focus on every single detail during the creation process. Each artwork has its own meaningful story and symbolism. Also every art piece shows a contrast between my fascination for organic structures and abstract design. This gives my artwork an authentic and a characteristic touch. I am currently working on several exclusive collections containing characteristic and dynamic sculptures.


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Lilies are a part of who i am

Yes, I have a passion for lilies. But where is that coming from? Since I was a kid, I was surrounded with lily flowers as I was raised in a family that has its own lily nursery and breeding company. The whole year lilies were in full bloom, characterized by their perfume-like scent and graceful, colorful shapes. My love for the lily has grown over the years. The beautiful and elegant lily flower is the main source of inspiration for my art, and I feel free to express this as an artist.